What is Counselling?

Once Upon a Timeā€¦

Only Emperors and Kings (or occasionally, their female counterparts) had access to counsellors.

Today many turn to their GP, if they have personal, work-related, marital or family problems and need someone to talk to. Failing that we might ask a certain friend or family member for support. When we just need somebody to listen, even a kindly stranger can sometimes fit the bill.

Having someone not only listen but also understand can bring great relief, yet even this will not necessarily bring us the answers we want.

This is where counselling can provide the sustaining and supportive relationship we sometimes need, in order to explore our concerns and hopefully make more sense of them.

By providing a suitable environment for talking, a counsellor can therefore help us develop greater insight.

Yet of course insight – understanding why things are the way they are – is not our only concern. We want a future that is both satisfying and meaningful.

Through counselling we can explore the potential we all have for self-knowledge, and so uncover our own ability to transform our lives for the better.